Team Member Feature: Devin Sandon


The For ClimateTech team thrives with a dedicated group of individuals who are fervently driving the launch and rapid growth of climate solutions. Discover more about the exceptional individuals steering the global programming and ecosystem that fuels our innovators’ success.

We sat down recently with Devin Sandon from the Venture For ClimateTech team to learn about  his role at NextCorps and what he finds interesting in life. Here’s what he had to say.  

  1. What do you do for Venture For ClimateTech at NextCorps?
    I am the operations manager for the Venture for ClimateTech Accelerator, which means that, along with working with the startups throughout the program, I manage a number of the back-end tasks–running recruitment and selections, developing annual budget projections and tracking program milestones and metrics–that allow the program to run effectively.

  2. What about your work is meaningful to you?
    I love my job because I get to work with brilliant, deeply passionate people who are pursuing a wide array of technologies and solutions to try to help us confront the climate crisis. Working with the founders, I get to learn about so many different technologies and industries, and I get to leverage my experience to help them succeed and have a real impact.

  3. What’s your favorite climate technology?
    I’m not sure I really have a favorite technology. After all, we are going to need a vast array of solutions to manage the climate crisis.

  4. Where’s your favorite place in Rochester?
    My favorite place in Rochester at the moment is probably Shadow Pines park in Penfield. It’s a beautiful park by any measure, but it has a great disc golf course, where I willingly continue to throw discs into the pond.

  5. What do you do outside of work for fun?
    I like to stay pretty active. Depending on the time of year, you’ll find me playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, rock climbing, or playing volleyball. I also love to read. A night curled up with a good book is a good one! I’m also working towards my MBA at the University of Rochester Simon School of Business.

Connect with Devin Sandon on LinkedIn to learn more about the innovative work he’s doing for climate tech startups.