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For ClimateTech Summit21: Advancing early-stage climate innovations

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A Deep Dive Into Climate Investment Trends and Technologies

Firms have already closed more climate funds in 2021 than in the previous five years combined, according to Pitchbook. Additionally, there has been a 3,750% increase in total venture funding in the climate tech space at $16.1 billion since 2013. What does this mean for the future of climate investment and how can current and future investors better understand the opportunities and challenges in the space? 

Join Carta and For ClimateTech for a discussion with leading investors exploring the climate solutions, science, and trends that will define investing in climate for years to come.

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Tania Zaparaniuk     |    Director of External Communications     |      Carta
Tania Zaparaniuk

Tania Zaparaniuk is the Director of External Communications and Content Marketing at Carta,  a company revolutionizing the way founders, investors, and employees manage equity and ownership. 

Previously, Tania was the Director of Communications at Girls Who Code, an international non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology and changing the image of what a computer programmer looks like. In her role, Tania was responsible for growing Girls Who Code into a household name and positioning the organization and its executives as thought-leaders in the tech and gender equity space. Prior to her work at Girls Who Code, Tania worked at West Wing Writer as a speechwriter to former politicians, celebrities, philanthropists, and Fortune 100 executives. In 2020, Tania was named as P.R. Week’s Outstanding Young Professional, Honorable Mention.

Susan Su     |    Partner    |      Toba Capital

Susan Su is a partner focused on climate innovation investing at Toba Capital, a $1.3B early stage fund whose portfolio comprises business software, infrastructure, and climate technologies. Her past experience includes time as a strategic growth advisor to companies at Sound Ventures, a growth marketing lead focused on startups at Stripe, and the first hire and head of growth at Reforge. Susan is also the course creator and instructor for Climate Change for VCs, a 6-week cohort-based class and community dedicated to activating more investors across stages to bet on climate action.

Susan Su
Jonathan Azoff    |    Tech entrepreneur and climate investor
Jon Azof

Jonathan is a technical leader with fifteen years of experience across a wide array of sectors (social, gaming, real estate, fitness, logistics, fintech) with two exits in the past ten years (acq. Zillow, Disney). He was the primary architect behind Omni (25M+ XRP raise), and managed several teams at Carta (7B valuation) where he built tools for the VC back-office.

Notably, he’s the inventor of Goat-2-Meeting (2M+ ARR), a fundraising product for the sustainability non-profit Sweet Farm, which went globally viral in 2020. In 2021, he started SNØCAP, a climate tech fund backing platforms that underpin innovation in food, waste, ag, and infrastructure.

Andrea Turner Moffitt   |    Co-Founder    |    Plum Alley Investments

Andrea Turner Moffitt is the co-founder of Plum Alley Investments, a venture firm investing in technology and healthcare companies improving our lives and the planet. With a focus on women founders in STEM, Plum Alley has invested across environmental intelligence, mobility, future of food, predictive diagnostics, precision medicine, among other areas. Plum Alley’s team and diverse investor base of executives, operators, and board members across industries deliver exceptional value for founders.

Prior to starting Plum Alley Investments, Andrea founded a fintech start-up focused on engaging women investors. As a former investment banker, she spent more than a decade on Wall Street including at Citibank where she raised capital for energy and infrastructure clients and Robertson Stephens where she financed high growth enterprise software companies. Andrea also worked at hedge fund of funds where she helped oversee the firm’s investment selection, portfolio management and capital raising activities.

Andrea is an accomplished author. In 2015, she published Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors. Her work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Inc., Fortune, NPR, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.