Shelly Xu Design


92 million tons of fabric is wasted each year. Fabric contributes to the vast majority of our clothes’ carbon emissions and water waste, while also being the number one or two biggest cost that goes into making clothing. Everything from energy-intensive recycling processes to patching together fabric scrap adds cost and complexity. And time is running out.

SXD’s software solution is the first win-win for the industry: better design, lower cost, zero fabric waste. SXD enables legal compliance while benefiting the planet and brands’ bottom line, opening the door to capture this $5T market opportunity.

SXD’s software application seamlessly turns any design sketch and leftover or wasted fabrics into zero waste clothing that look beautiful and cost ~55% less to produce. The software far surpasses any current software solution in maximizing material circularity by directly incorporating leftover or wasted fabric into garment construction. The output zero waste designs have over 80% lower carbon footprint than traditional clothing manufacturing.