Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers is the program manager for Venture For ClimateTech where he plans, coordinates, and executes the day-to-day programming and curriculum. Scott formerly worked for Dandelion Energy, a residential geothermal heat pump installer in the Hudson Valley area, as a Subcontractor Coordinator. He has also served as a Community Organizer for SunCommon, a solar B-corporation. After college, he worked as a Team Leader with Americorps NCCC, where his team worked to serve frontline communities in a variety of ways around the country.

Scott was born and raised in Leroy, New York, and graduated from SUNY Brockport in 2017. He now lives in Rochester, New York. He is a prominent member of the Rochester community, having co-founded The Rochester Sunrise Movement Hub, a local climate justice advocacy group.

Climate is important to Scott because he believes in leaving things in a better state than when you found them. He feels that if these changes are not addressed in an equitable way, many other concerns will remain unaddressed. Scott is particularly enthusiastic about reducing global reliance on fossil fuels by mass electrification combined with grid diversity when it comes to climate technologies.

Scott’s favorite entrepreneur is Kathy Hannun of Dandelion Energy; she is a strong woman in a male-dominated industry, who served as a terrific role model for Scott.

Scott’s Favorite Movement Leader?

Bernie Sanders / AOC / Ilhan Omar / New Wave Politics / Playing the long game / Ultimately AOC Ilhan Omar

What do you do for fun? 

Scott enjoys traveling and being outdoors, he is also passionate about activism. He recently took a road trip out to Moab Utah with two of his friends to camp.

Favorite Food?

Lasagna. Even a bad lasagna tastes good. 

What’s your Favorite Book?

The Ministry for Future / Our national parks by John Muir. “National parks are such a treasure.” 

Daily podcasts

Up First NPR, NYT The Daily, Throughline.  Following Ted Talks / Movement leaders / How I Built This / Understanding movement leaders.