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Scale For ClimateTech

Manufacturing & Expertise-in-Residence (MEIR) Program



Moving from a prototype to scalable manufacturing is difficult and expensive.  Scale For ClimateTech wants to help make it easier.

The Manufacturing & Expertise-in-Residence (MEIR) program funds projects to help climate tech startup companies advance from prototype stage towards manufacturing hardware devices in volume. Through the MEIR program, we engage our technical expert community to solve diverse engineering and manufacturing challenges and accelerate the launch of climate tech products. 

MEIR Projects

Projects may include but are not limited to: manufacturing strategy & process improvements, reducing production costs, Product Design Specifications, Bill of Materials development, drawings packages, modeling, plant design, “design for X” work for hire, product life cycle management, inventory management assistance and planning, quality assurance management, tooling, jigs and fixture creation, etc.  

Projects that are well suited to the MEIR program typically have: 

✓ Hardware development at works-like prototype level and on track for volume manufacturing

✓ Quantifiable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions 

✓ A scope that can be executed within 1-5 months

✓ Significant benefits for, and connections to resources in, the State of New York 

✓ A measurable impact on advancing new climate tech products for commercial sales and use

Company funding in place to contribute to project costs

How MEIR Works


Successful MEIR grantees are expected to share in the costs of the project and periodically report on progress during and after the funding period. Scale For ClimateTech will provide a reimbursement of the lesser of 80% of actual project costs or $75,000.

This is a competitive and selective process. To apply, complete the following steps:

1. Complete a 15-minute Product Stage Assessment

2. Fill out our application form

3. We will review your application and may schedule an interview to better understand your project objectives, scope, budget, and plans

4. If selected for the MEIR program, we will invite you to a one-one-one consultation to complete a detailed scope of work and project completion plan

Applications are now closed

Thank you for your interest in the Manufacturing Expertise-in-Residence program. We are no longer accepting applications for project support. Please subscribe to the For ClimateTech newsletter to stay up to date on any new opportunities here.