Jacob Hennessey-Rubin

Jacob grew up with a passion for design and making. After a path focused on Graphic Design in Graduate School, he found himself re-focused on the craft of making and manufacturing — apprenticing with a fine furniture maker. This led Jacob to build a passion for the business side of manufacturing with an understanding of the design and work done ‘on the floor’.

After running his own successful design/build studio, Jacob began developing programs for customer engagement, business development and partnerships at the Global Autodesk Technology Centers. During his time at Autodesk, he developed the skills he now uses to help clients achieve their goals.

After relocating to New York, Jacob further focused his efforts on supporting manufacturers by joining ITAC — the NYC MEP — followed by a startup, building an advanced control platform for robotics. He has since co-founded and is the Executive Director of the New York Robotics Network, a non-profit robotics cluster.

Jacob has always had his finger on the pulse of industry and his persistence, with an eye towards progress, is second to none. His passion and focus is to support the growth of emerging technologies in manufacturing and industry. He has a photographic memory and is not afraid to use it.