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Participant Benefits

Innovators receive dedicated support throughout their manufacturing process in order to gain confidence in their path to market and scale up production to meet demand. This includes receiving programmatic resources such as:
Member services

Our Program Cycle

Innovators can expect 9-months of mentoring, workshops, and events througout the program and detailed out below.    
Program timeline

Cohort Selection Timeline

Cohort timeline

Cohort Applicant Criteria

Innovators selected for this cohort must have: 

  • A Climate Tech product or innovation that supports decarbonization of the economy through hardware, software, technology-enabled services, data analytics, or processes that broadly reduce energy consumption, increase resource efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or enable the transition to a sustainable and decarbonized economy.
    • While any Innovator that meets the definition of “climate tech” is of interest to Scale for ClimateTech, a few sectors contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions in New York State. Scale for ClimateTech is particularly interested in the following key sectors: Buildings, Transportation, Grid, and Industry.
  • A minimum of a works-like/ looks-like climate tech prototype that has a hardware component.
  • A letter of intent (LOI)/ letter of support (LOS), joint development agreement, contingent purchase order, or non-recurring engineering (NRE) commitment that indicates pilot testing, pre-sales, or other customer commitment to manufacture climate tech solutions.    
  • Operations or operational plan that will contribute to demonstrating benefit to New York State. Examples of activities that represent a “Demonstrated Benefit to New York State” include:
    • Having some portion of a member company’s or organization’s workforce (beyond at least one employee), such as headquarters, research and development, or manufacturing, based in New York State.
    • Benefiting manufacturers, supply chain partners, vendors, and/or service providers in New York State.
    • Serving an addressable market of customers within New York State with climate tech solutions.
    • Significantly reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in New York State. 
  • Financial resources sufficient to sustain your company and begin the process of product commercialization. This must be greater than $100,000 in accessible funds to use towards product manufacturing.
  • A Self-Reported Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4 or higher to participate in Bootcamp. We expect to select companies for the cohort that will have an average TRL of 7. To assess the TRL level of your offering, take a TRL self-assessment here.
  • A team in place with a dedicated technical lead to commit to regular programming. CEOs must attend meetings as needed. 
  • A willingness to learn and share, honor time commitments, and be a part of the cohort.

Companies do not need to manufacture in New York to be eligible to participate in the program. While Scale For ClimateTech hopes to increase local manufacturing, we know that supply chains are spread across the country and beyond. 

Scale For ClimateTech Innovators

“The Program has helped us bring our production process in New York to market four months faster than expected, allowing us to provide high performance, low-carbon concrete to the City of Binghamton. This will allow us to divert 4164 tons of CO2 each year by working with New York municipalities to decarbonize their concrete.” 

Jacob Kumpon, CEO, KLAW Industries

KLAW Industries