Daniel Baruch

Daniel has spent his career at the nexus of energy markets, investments, climate, innovation, corporate strategy and business development. He currently serves as the Executive Director of ClimateTech at J.P. Morgan, driving ClimateTech strategic investments, innovation, and partnership with cutting-edge companies across the ecosystem. Daniel’s background spans across global physical and financial energy commodity markets, with experience in natural gas & power at Morgan Stanley, crude oil & natural gas liquids (NGLs) at Glencore, and multi-asset alternative investments at AllianceBernstein.

Prior to J.P. Morgan, Daniel served as the Vice President of Climate Strategy at Moody’s, and Director of Global Markets & Strategic Business Development at Ursa Space, a small fast-paced startup focused on satellite radar-based alternative data. Daniel also serves on the Strategic Advisory Council of the University of Colorado’s Center for Commodities Global Energy Management Program. Additionally, he has helped shape GARP’s Energy Risk Professional (ERP) certification for professionals across the physical and financial energy markets. Daniel was named one of the Top 100 People in Finance in 2020 and is a frequent speaker at energy industry, ClimateTech, and alternative investment conferences.