Candidus, Inc


Candidus’ adaptive lighting control system turns an on/off greenhouse lighting installation into a dynamic system that can respond to variable solar radiation, allowing growers to save energy when light is not needed, while ensuring that crops receive enough light throughout the day to meet the crop’s requirements. It optimizes energy usage by providing supplemental lighting only when it is needed. The Candidus lighting control system includes hardware, software, data analysis, a web-based user interface, and customized monthly reports. The Candidus controller provides the required amount of light to meet the crop’s requirements, but no more than that. This ensures consistent crop production while saving energy when possible. Candidus controller measures sunlight and makes calculations using a proprietary algorithm to determine when and how much light should be provided by the lighting system to achieve the lighting goal. Our lighting control system uses a compact, powerful industrial computer. The computer takes readings from the light sensor, does all required calculations, and produces a signal to control your lights.