Allied Microbiota

Allied-MicrobiotaAllied Microbiota (AMB) develops microbes and other biological products to destroy harmful chemicals. As an environmental biotechnology company, AMB’s primary focus is on their breakthrough bio-remediation product PacBac, targeted at difficult-to-treat contaminants in the $20B remediation industry in the US. This cost-effective product can rapidly reduce recalcitrant, organic contaminants like dioxins, poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and other chlorinated compounds in soil and sediments.

Currently, they are conducting field tests with Clean Earth, one of the largest environmental engineering firms in the Northeast, at their New Castle, Delaware facility. Initial results are positive and tests will expand to commercial scale in 2019 as AMB increases production capacity.  AMB was formed in 2017 from technology developed at Columbia University and is located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.