475 Lamilux

475-LamiluxIn spaces without exterior walls, roof daylight is a beneficial way to fulfill building codes and green building standards that require the use of daylight to improve human health and productivity. Current products are poorly insulated and have interior gutters to deal with condensation, leading to cold drafts, discomfort, and high energy bills in winter, plus overheating and glare in summer. Architects and owners thus avoid such products because of bad experiences and user complaints.

475 Lamilux skylight system offers a solution that allows all the benefits of daylight in interior spaces – while avoiding the downsides. The system is fully insulated and free of condensation by design. The skylight no longer has a negative impact on the performance of the enclosure because of its use of triple-pane glass and thermally broken frames. It sits on a unique, fully insulated fiberglass curb, and comes with shading and operable options. This means the product can be energy positive, by reducing the amount of artificial light used in the building, minimizing heat losses, maximizing solar heat gains in winter, and offering full protection against condensation – even in the middle of winter.